Shopping ban is almost over!

I forgot to post about my impromptu shopping ban that the boyfriend & I placed on myself for the month of August.  It came up post-vacation, after we spent a considerable amount of money between Myrtle Beach and small, but multiple, purchases to redecorate the house.

I have been pretty good about following the ban, with a few exceptions to include:
LeeAnne‘s birthday present!
– a few needed things for the house, including a valet hook and some kitchen knick-knacks
– I fell off the wagon when a fabulous bag I had been coveting popped up on eBay for less than half price.  I instantly bought it and don’t regret the decision! 

On the flip side, I was able to sell my much loved but never worn Burberry watch to make up for my new bag.  Money in does not equal money out, but it lessens the sting a bit!

I need to keep myself busy and away from shopping.  Things I have been working on:

{cupcakes for Den’s birthday}

I need to pick up knitting again.  Griff saw a J. Crew scarf last year that he liked; I boasted that I would be able to knit it myself.  We went and picked out yarn, and 7 months later, here we are.  No scarf yet!  Also, I spied this ahhhhmazingggg blanket on Pinterest today and am dying to recreate it.

{lofty knit blanket}