a lot of change

Oh hai, I have missed you all!  I have been so busy with moving and overnight guests that I have not had a chance to post anything meaningful.

So long my cushy Rittenhouse apartment, hello new loft in Bella Vista (not to be confused with “South Philadelphia”).  I officially hand in my keys Thursday morning; I will miss sitting on the stoop, the Square with the pup, and being centrally located, but I will not miss three flights of stairs in this oppressive heat, a teeny closet, and sharing a bathroom. 

Our spare bedroom has been transformed into a lovely guest bedroom my new walk-in closet.  I am loving the space, although I have to give up one of my three dressers to make everything fit into the narrow space.  I consigned/donated five or six bags of old clothes to Buffalo Exchange, and it was so great to make fifty bucks and have my clothes go to a good cause!  Also, slightly depressing to see those size 0 clothes go, but let’s be real here.

Now for the fun part: redecorating the bachelor pad into something simple, functional, pet-friendly, and modern with a touch of girliness.  The transformation is almost complete, pictures and ideas to come!


the itch

I  have been so good about NOT shopping lately, but my inbox has been flooded all week with fantastic sales.  I just could not resist any longer.  The past two days have been filled with wonderful warm spring weather, so I took a stroll through Center City on my way home and picked up a few goodies!

J.Crew was the first stop.  Tons of stuff in the sale section, marked down pretty drastically, but I walked out with only two things.  Quality over quantity – I resisted buying $7 tees just because they were cheap.  And I didn’t get anything gray OR ruffly this time.

silk utility tee, dark seaweed green
cadabra cardi, mine is navy

Then I popped into H&M to see their new Conscious Collection, as I was eyeing the silky scalloped edge shorts online, but this H&M never got that item in.  The next best thing?  A pair of dark denim shorts (not to be confused with jorts), and flared white denim to wear with the below.

I have been coveting the Stuart Weitzman “Alex” wedges for over a year now, but sadly the $365 price tag is out of  my range.  Thank goodness for Mr. Steve Madden, who loves to rip off every other designer – he created the “Fantasik” for a mere $79.95.  While I don’t condone knockoffs, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

see, small differences make it almost ok!
source: jenesequa

Other things on my list: more crisp cotton shorts in basic black, white, and khaki; a silver chronograph watch (preferably a square face, since my gold one is round); new sunglasses (RIP Marc Jacobs); and a new bathing suit. 

Must. eBay. Stuff.


Saw this on Gigi’s blog and thought it was a cute and lighthearted way to start off this snowy morning!  I haven’t done one of these silly surveys since college, when MySpace was rampant.  It gives me something different to do while I enjoy my sesame bagel and cappuccino, because the news is majorly depressing. 

This article in today’s Inky, A wary Point Breeze confronts its demographic shifts, refers to an area between where I live and where the boyfriend lives, and frankly – I am all for gentrification.  Call me what you will, but I think it’s a necessary part in the evolution and success of a city.  Cities without gentrification are destined to fail and become destitute.  Some people may not be happy with gentrification because they are driven out, or afraid of change; but what exactly do they want to keep the same?  A friend’s boyfriend used to live in Point Breeze, he bought a dirt cheap house there, and the lovely neighborhood at 2am consisted of a bunch of huge scary guys most likely dealing drugs on the corner.  Why would anyone want drug dealers on the corner, regardless of your race or class?  Sure, no one really likes the hipsters that frequently are the first to move into these newly gentrified areas (i.e.: Northern Liberties, Fishtown, Graduate Hospital), and I certainly don’t blame them, but look at how beautiful an area can become from positive changes.  I wish everyone could peacefully co-exist, but that’s like saying unicorns are dancing on the moon tonight!

Anyway, here’s the survey!

A. Age:  27

B. Bed size:  Queen, upgrading to a King soon!  I always thought that would be just too much bed, but with the pets hogging it all, it works!

C. Chore you dislike:  taking out the trash, ew

D. Dogs: Monkey, my little man!

E. Essential start to your day: coffee and some type of breakfast food – bagel, toast, oatmeal, yogurt

F. Favorite color: pink

G. Gold or silver: gold at the moment

H. Height: 5’1″

I. Instruments you play(ed):  piano and clarinet for a hot minute back in elementary school

J. Job title:  officially, “administrative assistant,” but ideally it should be brokerage assistant or something more fulfilling since I don’t just answer phones and file papers!

K. Kids: none yet, thank god haha

L. Live: illy Philly

M. Mom’s name:  Christina

N. Nicknames: Trannie is hilariously my fav, Bennifer is so dreadful

O. Overnight hospital stays:  nada, knock on wood

P. Pet peeves:  inconsiderate smokers, bad drivers, dog owners who don’t pick up the poop

Q. Quote from a movie:  how about a quote from Toddlers & Tiaras, a trainwreck that I just cannot stop watching…. “we’re gonna be late for diva day!!!!!”

R. Righty or lefty: Righty

S. Siblings: 1 brobro

T. Time you wake up:  6:25 is when the alarm goes off… 6:50-7 is when I usually roll out of bed

U. Underwear:  yes?

V. Vegetables you don’t like:  celery, raw bell peppers, lima beans

W.What makes you run late:  when Monkey dawdles on a walk

X. X-rays you’ve had:  teeth, my one foot

Y. Yummy food you make:  a lot of stuff 🙂

Z. Zoo animal favorites:  the primate house at the philly zoo!

why hello, spring!

I am loving the warmth of the sun on my face when I leave the office in the evenings, and appreciate it even more when I can take Monkey to the park to catch the last of daylight.  Pretty soon I’m sure I’ll be complaining about how hot it is, but for now it’s quite enjoyable!
I missed free Rita’s water ice yesterday because I was busy purging my closet and dressers of forgotten sweaters, ratty jeans, and duplicate shirts.  I took 2 bags to a local consignment shop and scored $50, hopefully the rest of these springy sweaters and tees will yield a bigger return.  Out with the old, in with the new!  I am trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle, especially when it comes to clothing.  Except I couldn’t resist the GAP Give & Get Program this weekend, where you get 30% off all purchases and part of the proceeds goes to charity.  Everybody wins!
khaki slim crop pants – they make my non-existant butt look good

laser cut tank top – it’s grey & silky, shock!
gold skirt. saw it on Chloe first, loves!
And some other boring work pants, yawn.  Deidra inspired me to get the khaki crops and I’m so glad I did!  Now if only the rain stopped and I could break out some sandals…
As much as I love to cook and try new recipes, sometimes it’s nice when the boyfriend is away and I can just whip up something simple and quick for myself.  I treated my lazy self to frozen pre-cooked brown rice at Trader Joe’s (steamed in the microwave), paired with Island Soyaki marinated chicken breast and broccoli.  Tastes as good as take out, but way better for you!

people are so stupid

Uhh is this bish for reals?  “not to sound racist or anything, but…” give me a break – ALL people are rude, not just Asians.

Sometimes I get annoyed at people (like today when I ventured into the hell that is known as Trader Joe’s and everyone was jamming their carts into my legs, or taking 43442038 minutes to decide between regular or low fat chips… by the way you should always go with the low fat, your huge butt will thank you later) but I definitely would not go posting pointedly racist rants on YouTube!  I am glad she had to drop out of school and/or get death threats.  She is a blubbering airhead idiot!  Where are your American manners your momma taught you, girlfriend?

For Japan With Love

Please make a donation if you can.  Whether it goes to Japan or another cause you believe in, or even simply just donating blood or volunteering your time — just remember that we are very fortunate and lucky here.
We can all help, no matter how small, please pass on the word!

the uniform

Today I took a quick jaunt down to the Whole Foods on South Street after work.  About a block before arriving at my destination, I noticed four girls, probably college aged, walking with one lone straight guy.  Why did I notice them?

Because they were ALL wearing “the uniform.”

The uniform consisting of:
– 1 black North Face Denali jacketz
– 1 pair of skinny jeans from varying brands such as Hollister, A&F, and AE (why yes, I can tell jean designers by the stitching on the butt… you can’t??)
– 1 pair of Uggs of different styles (classic short, bailey button, classic tall, and cardy’s, if you were wondering)

I tried to snap a pic because the sight was semi-ridiculous, but they disappeared inside a Pinkberry-esque store before I could get my iPhone’s camera to boot up.

this is what you get when you google “north face uggs”

Then I realized, I WEAR THIS STUFF.  Kill me now.  Granted it is never all at once (plus I traded the black North Face in for a white one!).  I feel old.  What does this mean??  Wahhh!!!

Maybe I will “invest” in a classic Burberry trench, then I will never be that girl in the North Face again!


I also have been meaning to snap pics of tasty meals I cook up, but tonight I was so hungry I gobbled up my dinner, loosely based on this Emeril recipe the boyfriend whipped up.  Yum.