a lot of change

Oh hai, I have missed you all!  I have been so busy with moving and overnight guests that I have not had a chance to post anything meaningful.

So long my cushy Rittenhouse apartment, hello new loft in Bella Vista (not to be confused with “South Philadelphia”).  I officially hand in my keys Thursday morning; I will miss sitting on the stoop, the Square with the pup, and being centrally located, but I will not miss three flights of stairs in this oppressive heat, a teeny closet, and sharing a bathroom. 

Our spare bedroom has been transformed into a lovely guest bedroom my new walk-in closet.  I am loving the space, although I have to give up one of my three dressers to make everything fit into the narrow space.  I consigned/donated five or six bags of old clothes to Buffalo Exchange, and it was so great to make fifty bucks and have my clothes go to a good cause!  Also, slightly depressing to see those size 0 clothes go, but let’s be real here.

Now for the fun part: redecorating the bachelor pad into something simple, functional, pet-friendly, and modern with a touch of girliness.  The transformation is almost complete, pictures and ideas to come!


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