the uniform

Today I took a quick jaunt down to the Whole Foods on South Street after work.  About a block before arriving at my destination, I noticed four girls, probably college aged, walking with one lone straight guy.  Why did I notice them?

Because they were ALL wearing “the uniform.”

The uniform consisting of:
– 1 black North Face Denali jacketz
– 1 pair of skinny jeans from varying brands such as Hollister, A&F, and AE (why yes, I can tell jean designers by the stitching on the butt… you can’t??)
– 1 pair of Uggs of different styles (classic short, bailey button, classic tall, and cardy’s, if you were wondering)

I tried to snap a pic because the sight was semi-ridiculous, but they disappeared inside a Pinkberry-esque store before I could get my iPhone’s camera to boot up.

this is what you get when you google “north face uggs”

Then I realized, I WEAR THIS STUFF.  Kill me now.  Granted it is never all at once (plus I traded the black North Face in for a white one!).  I feel old.  What does this mean??  Wahhh!!!

Maybe I will “invest” in a classic Burberry trench, then I will never be that girl in the North Face again!


I also have been meaning to snap pics of tasty meals I cook up, but tonight I was so hungry I gobbled up my dinner, loosely based on this Emeril recipe the boyfriend whipped up.  Yum.


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