Hello world! I have a blog!

I finally wanted to create (and upkeep) a blog.  I couldn’t think of a name… then it hit me.  Whasian.  White + Asian.  It’s a loving nickname, given to me by a certain bestie many moons ago.  See: Urban Dictionary, definition #3, except the other way around?  Weird, yes.  Offensive, no.  Plus, Whasian is a better nickname than Jenis, Trannie, or the absolutely dreaded “Bennifer.”

Why am I doing a blog?  Something to do on a regular basis, a place for me to post my thoughts, ideas, events, pictures, food, vent, and keep up with friends.  Facebook is getting boringggg.

So… welcome!  Read a little, read a lot, comment, or don’t.  I’ll love ya anyway.



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